"This could have been a really dry course, but Jonathan was great...."


Seminar Philosophy and Approach

Jonathan’s more than 15 years of experience presenting employment law seminars throughout the country has helped him to uncover the keys to successful presentations:

  • Remember The Big Picture: While complying with the law is a must, it is entirely possible to teach legal compliance in the context of also meeting business objectives. “Compliance” and “productivity” are not mutually exclusive concepts!
  • Obtain Participant “Buy In”: Corporations expect their managers to have a  basic skillset related to legal compliance.  Managers who have this skill set are more successful in their careers than those who do not.
  • Avoid “Legalese” Whenever Possible: Painstaking attention has been paid to “translating” legal principles into easy to understand concepts and principles.
  • Provide Just The Right Amount Of Detail: Jonathan’s years of experience advising employers on employment law issues have shown him what principles and concepts are most important for managers to understand, and how to teach them in a way that is clear and concise.  Just say “no!” to legal minutia!
  • Apply The Law To Real Life Situations: Real life stories, scenarios, and cases all highlighting commonly seen problems bring the law to life and allow participants to see the very real consequences that can flow from high-risk management practices.
  • Get Participants Involved: Brief, non-threatening “manager/employee” mini-scenario exercises are used to help participants develop essential employee relations skills.
  • Increase Communication: Special attention is paid to increasing the communication flow between all the major players: the manager, the human resource department and employees.


The Benefits of “In-House” Seminars

“In-house” seminars (presented at the client’s location or a location of their choosing) provide the following advantages over “open-enrollment” seminars:

  •  More Relevant and Effective — The presenter can focus exclusively on the issues that are relevant to your managers and employees… your staff won’t waste their time listening to discussions that aren’t relevant to their workplace. (NOTE: Each seminar purchase includes a consultation with Jonathan prior to the seminar to determine any issues that need special attention.)
  • Private and Confidential — Managers can speak candidly about any challenges they face in a private, controlled setting, without disclosing issues and concerns to attendees who do not work for the same employer.
  • Your Human Resource Department Can Participate — In-house seminars allow your Human Resource personnel to participate in the discussion by sharing information about how your personnel policies interact with the law.
  • Cost-Effective — In-house seminars are more cost-effective than sending all of your managers and employees to open-enrollment seminars.