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Respect in the Workplace

(Harassment Prevention Seminars)

We all know the importance of training when it comes to preventing sexual harassment in the workplace… but are all harassment prevention programs equally effective? Too much “legalese” or too many “guilt-trips” can cause those who need the training the most to tune out… in other words, a training program can say “the right things” and still be ineffective!

Many employers, afraid that a more personalized training program would be too expensive, turn to generic harassment prevention videos that simply don’t match up very well with their corporate cultures, or come across too strongly leaving employees afraid to talk to each other… or worse, sound like a pitch from the EEOC encouraging employees to sue!

Harassment prevention training is a delicate art that deals with complex social and personal issues… and convincing the unconvinced takes just the right approach.

Two versions are available: employee version (1 hour) and manager version (1.5 hours).

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Respect in the Workplace seminars are designed to:

  • Focus on “respect” and “common sense” rather than on legal technicalities.
  • Convince employees of the importance of avoiding harassment by revealing the high price they pay in damaged working relationships, damaged reputations and careers, and decreased job satisfaction.
  • Teaches employees practical ways to assess the appropriateness of their own behavior.
  • Also addresses other types of harassment problems (racist and sexist conduct, religious intolerance, sexual orientation intolerance, etc.)
  • (Manager version) teach managers how to prevent and respond to harassment situations, as well as the importance of avoiding any appearance of unprofessional conduct on their part.
  • Fit your company’s particular needs and corporate culture.


  • “I really enjoyed the presenter. He was very informative and had a great sense of humor. He didn’t go on and on about legalities, but got to the heart of the issue.”
  • “The presentation was energetic and interesting, and easy to understand.”
  • “Jonathan presented the material with the right mix of humor and seriousness.”
  • “It wasn’t a lecture – the information was given in a way that it didn’t `scold` us.”
  • “The presenter was wonderful! He was very informative, articulate and very down to earth.”
  • “I liked Jonathan’s style-relaxed but knowledgeable.”

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