"This was one of the best, if not the best training class that I have attended."


Employment Law For Managers Seminar

Your supervisors, managers, and executives have the most day-to-day interaction with employees, yet they usually know the least about employment laws. This results in a tremendous amount of your company’s legal liability in the hands of the uninformed. The best way to reduce a company’s liability risk is to get the information in the hands of those who need it the most: your supervisors, managers and executives.

The Employment Law for Managers Seminar (ELMS) is specially designed to help non-H.R. managers know how to comply with the law while still meeting business objectives. It is fast-paced and filled with realistic “mini-scenarios” to help participants improve their employee-relations skills.

ELMS is available in half-day and full-day versions. Each participant receives a detailed, reader-friendly seminar manual.

This course is appropriate for all 50 states!

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Related seminars: ELMS Refresher courses are available for past ELMS participants (1-2 hours). An “Employment Law for HR Professionals” is also available (this seminar is a more detailed version of ELMS targeted to the needs of HR personnel).

Legal topics covered in ELMS include:

  • How to avoid creating appearances of discrimination while managing employees.
  • How to avoid retaliation claims
  • How to conduct effective job interviews that are legally compliant.
  • How to prevent and/or respond to complaints of harassment (sexual and other types)
  • How to discipline and/or terminate a problem employee in a fair and legally compliant manner
  • How to accommodate disabled employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act while ensuring satisfactory job performance
  • How to comply with the Family & Medical Leave Act
  • How to comply with wage and hour laws (overtime, etc.)
  • How to safely terminate an employee…and much more!


“The seminar was very informative and helpful-very useful information. Jonathan was very concise, and articulate. His presentation was excellent because he was able to make a volume of information seem interesting, not tedious. I enjoyed the class”

“This could have been a very dry course, but Jonathan was great…he covered the topics at the appropriate level of detail, injected humor and real life experiences…and he is easy to listen to.”

“Great instructor! He kept our interest by sharing real life experiences and being very open to class questions and discussions”

“Very good instructor-Jonathan is credible, factual, and uses relevant examples for my workplace”

“The ELMS manual will be a great resource!”

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